20 iulie 2014

..despre adinca,intunecata si insingurata ...iubire

Love Is a Deep and a Dark and a Lonely

love is a deep and a dark and a lonely
and you take it deep take it dark
and take it with a lonely winding
and when the winding gets too lonely
then may come the windflowers
and the breath of wind over many flowers

winding its way out of many lonely flowers
waiting in rainleaf whispers
waiting in dry stalks of noon
wanting in a music of windbreaths
so you can take love as it comes keening
as it comes with a voice and a face
and you make a talk of it
talking to yourself a talk worth keeping
and you put it away for a keen keeping
and you find it to be a hoarding
and you give it away and yet it stays hoarded

like a book read over and over again
like one book being a long row of books
like leaves of windflowers bending low
and bending to be never broken

Carl Sandburg

vine o zi ...


...prea multe vorbe si prea multi destepti care le stiu pe toate ..din nefericire nu au dreptate ..fiecare clipa care trece cu suparare si intristare mai omoara o clipa din tine .
    vine o zi ...